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How is Hamlet a hypocrite towards Ophelia?

I have one example, which is that he says he loves her but is the cause of her death because he rejects her and kills her father, which causes her madness and subsequent death.

I need one more example, but I can't think of him acting hypocritical towards her, other than what I mentioned.

did you check pinkmonkey and sparknotes?
they usually have loads of information and examples and stuff.
if you did and couldn't find anything then I'll help you out

Yea, I couldn't find anything on Hamlet's hypocrisy on those sites.

You have mentioned more than one way in which he was a hypocrite:

1. He said he loved her, but then acted cruelly toward her.

2. He said he loved her, but then he killed her father.

3. He said he loved her, but his rejection of her led to her madness and suicide.

You choose!


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