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Has anyone seen "West Side Story"?
If so, could you please explain to me a little of what it is about?
My music teacher expects a summary and I've never even seen the movie/play whatever it is.

Oh, it's not a report! Sorry, I should have made that clear that I do not believe in cheating.
I have no way of seeing the musical,and here's the funny part: my music teacher is very passionate about that musical and, in my opinion, should bring in the movie for my class to watch.
I was really getting annoyed about how she is so passionate about the movie, and she was disapointed to hear that not one person in my grade had ever seen the movie.
I was just curious as to what all the fuss was about.
Oh, and go figure: Leonard Bernstein did the music! She LOVES Bernstein! We had to watch educational videos that talked all about him!
Anyway, thanks for letting me know a little about what it is about. now I have a general idea. I would just like to make myself clear that I'd never trust anyone on the Internet to write a report for me, that is ridiculous, and, I agree, cheating. I was only interested to learn, not copy.

I am sure you will enjoy watching it, Brie. I liked the Broadway play much more than the movie. I could not get over the fact that Natalie Wood was not actually singing in the movie. The singer was Marni Nixon, who also dubbed for Audrey Hepburn in the movie of My Fair Lady, the other great musical of that era. I saw that on Broadway with the original cast, too.

My original post got removed at my request because the word "correction" after my name did not belong there. I apologize for the confusion.

Brie, West Side Story is also one of my favorites....The music is fabulous!!!! The story is romantic and classical. Romeo and Juliet on the streets of New York City. If you have time this summer rent the movie just for the sole purpose of hearing some FINE music.

i already watched that movie and it was very touching.

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