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If you are interested in going into a career as an author, what courses would you take in high school and college?
(besides English, of course)
I know what career I want to have, and I am concerned about any and all subjects I should take. For example, would you suggest taking more languages in addition to English and French like Spanish or Latin? Anything else?


Brie, I have found that the class in Latin I took in HS was invaluable. First it helped me enormously in picking up Latin based foreign languages. Second,it gave a wonderful hand-up in knowing what a word means without having to look it up... this particularly applies to anything having to do with science. Third, Latin helped with sentence construction. PLUS, I love literature and history so of course a secondary asset was the tie there.

I am planning on becoming a creative writing teacher and a published poet. I DEFINATELY recommend taking as many creative writing classes as possible. Not only are they fun, if you have the right teacher/proffessor, but they help you become a much better writer.

Take all of the above classes mentioned -- plus classes in your interests. Brie -- you didn't say what kind of author you want to be. But if you want to write about history, take history. If you want to write about ecology, take science classes.

I learned from my husband, who published nine non-fiction books, that the most important thing an author to do is to write, write, write -- and then write some more.

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