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K so this time it is basic concept and I am suppose to guess what happens, so I've written the cause but I have also written my answer to the reaction and effect.
so for:
A + B <=> C

stress: A is increased
reaction: forward
effect:[A]increased [B] inc [C]inc

Stress: B is removed
Effect: [A]decreases [B] dec [C]dec

stress: C is removed
reaction: reverse
effect:[A]decreases [B] dec [C]dec

stress: system is heated
reaction: reverse
effect: [A]decreases [B] dec [C]dec

stress:pressure increased
reaction: forward
effect: [A]decreases [B] dec [C]dec

A + B <=> C

stress: A is increased
reaction: forward
effect:[A]increased [B] inc [C]inc

You seem to have missed something and I'm not sure what it is so I will go through this part and leave the others for you to redo. Parts of the other are right but some are wrong.
If A is increased, the reaction SHIFTS to the right (your answer is correct). If the reaction shifts to the right, that means MORE C must be formed (look at the arrow--it points to the right). B will decrease because some of it is used up to produce C. A will actually increase but it will increase only slightly; that is, it will not be the sum of what you started with + what you added because some of it is used up to add to B to form more C. End result. C increases, B decreases, A increases slightly.
Finally, with no indication of heat (is this an endothermic or exothermic reaction) or if A, B, and C are gases are not, we can't answer the question on T and P.

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