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In creative writing, I need to write a short historical biography by a fictional person. For example, a pioneer, or an Indian when the Pilgrims came. I have to write it from that person's point of view. I chose a soldier in General Grant's army, in April of 1863, about a month before the Battle of Vicksburg. But I don't know where Grant's army was that April, or what they wore, or what their weapons were like. Could anyone tell me a bit about where and what Grant's army was doing in that time range? Do you think it would make a better report if I wrote it as a soldier during the Battle of vicksburg? Thanks ahead of time!

If you don't know the person or the person's life you are writing about, cease it.

Consider: a field hand in the slave South, or on a slave trading boat being brought to the New World; or a indian being moved to a new land on a reservation. Both of these have good info to research. Again, write about something you can feel, you can know, and can research.

If you feel you really, really want to write about that soldier in General Grant's army in 1863, READ, READ, READ about that time. Not just the battles, but diaries written by soldiers, fictional stories about the lifestyles at the time, etc. Do some research through the internet on that period of the war, the common soldier's life, the foods, clothes, weapons, he would have had as well as diseases, medical treatments, etc.

Whoever you choose to be YOUR person, make him/her "real" by making notes (most of the stuff won't be included in your paper, but is needed to make the person come alive in your mind). How tall was he? What did he wear? WHat did he like to eat? Did he have any scars? What diseases had he had? Where are his parent/siblings/other relatives? Where does he live? Describe his home. Who does he work for? Does he go to school? Can he read? Does he have a pet? What is he afraid of?

Check online for information about the time period, type of person, and lifestyle of that class.

There were no major battles during the month of April...suggestion. In March of that year the first Conscription Act was passed causing major riots. Your soldier might have been caught in those. That would be interesting; then you could give his perpective of what training he received in April, and what was happening before the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Here are some sites that may be of help.



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