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What skills are needed to perform the business functions of computer operations?

I am assuming they are needing more than the basic function like keyboard and on and off but not sure what that would be.

I tried to think of what i needed to know if i had an business and used the computer to run my business what operations i would use i have thought of the micrsoft office but I am sure they are wanting more can anyone give me help on this

You need a website, in which customers can order, track delivery, see the catalogue, ask questions, and get invoices, package labels printed, postage printed, etc. All of your business adminstrative needs (personel, accounting, tax, etc) will be done on the computer.

It also depends on the type of business. It's almost too vague a question to ask and expect a really good response.

If you're running a warehouse, you need an entirely different set of computer skills than if you were running an accounting firm. And what, exactly, is the job of the person that's asking? Are they the owner of the place? Are they in charge of taking care of customer service? Or are they part of the Computer IT Team?

If you're part of the IT Crew setting up a system in a huge building, you would need to have networking skills, but not necessarily much skill of the software they are using on their computer. They may have someone else that trains people in that. At the same time, if you're the business owner, you would need to know how to run some software, but possibly not know a thing about routers and think TCP/IP is the latest coffee shop.


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