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Kim who is heterozygus for polydactyl (6 fingers and toes) marries Tony who is homozygous normal (5 fingers and toes).
What is Kim's genotype?
What is Tony's genotype?
What is the chance of having children with 6 fingers?
Please include the Punnett Square.

let FT be for normal 5fingers and toes
&ft be 4 polydactyl.
kim gtype=ft, tony=FT
f t
F Ff Ft

T Tf Tt
1 out of four

Let P stand for a polydactyl gene and N stand for a normal gene.

Kim is PN and Tony is NN. The problem is that I don't know if P is recessive or dominant. Tony can only give N genes, So the probability of a child getting the P gene is 50%. (You can put the information in a Punnett square yourself.)

Once you know which genes are dominant or recessive, you should be able to tell the chance of having 6 fingers.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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