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Could someone please explain to me verb inversion?

I never get confused in French, but this verb inversion stuff is really confusing. It just seems so pointless!

Please help,

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are doing verb inversion, you are doing one of the 4 ways to ask a question. Here are all 4 ways but you will find the verb inversion the most common!

1. Straight word order with punctuation. Example: Tu parles anglais?

2. Straight word order with "non" at the end. Example: Tu parles anglais, non?

3. Beginning with est-ce que(qu'). Example: Est-ce que tu parles anglais?

4. Here is the inversion where you just turn the verb and the subject around. Look first at #1 for the straight word order. Example: Parles-tu anglais?

Please feel free to try some examples for yourself for proofreading!

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