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Which three options are true about motion in a straight line.

A. A particle which moves at an increasing velocity has a constant acceleration.

B. If two particles always have the same velocity as each other, their separation does not change.

C. A particle which has zero acceleration moves with constant velocity or is stationary.

D. A particle with negative position must have had a negative acceleration in the past.

E. The acceleration of any subject is 9.8m s^-2

F. A particle which moves with a constant acceleration also has a constant velocity.

G. An object which is dropped and falls only under gravity accelerates downwards at approximately 9.8m s^-2

H. Velocity is the magnitude of the speed.

I think b and h??

A, C, G are the answers.

i thought H? Velocity is the magnitude of the speed?
Can you explain why A, C & G. Please, so I can understand

C, G and H are true. A is not true.

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