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Algebra word problem

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I have no idea how to start this problem can some one explain to me
am i suppose to divid 1/10 by 1/4 which i get 4 but i feel i am missing some thing am i am

Fungicides account for 1/10 of the pesticides used in the United States. Insecticides account for 1/4 of all the pesticides used in the United States. The ratio of fungicides to insecticides used in the United States can be written 1/10 divided by 1/4. Write this ratio in simplest form

1/10 divided by 1/4 is

4/10 or 2/5

When you divide, you are multiplying by the opposite of the other number. Since it's 1/4, you are multiplying by 4/1

1/10 x 4/1 = 4/10

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