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Research Paper: jack london/call of the wild

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Hi. I need some good sources to use. Lots of them. I'll explain

I need to write a 6 page research paper on Jack London and the book "The Call of the Wild" (yes both), using only things told to me from sources. Here's another thing: I can't plagiarize any of them. One final thing: I can't directly use more than two or three sentences for each source. I need to have the sources in MLA format, which is the least of my worries. I need some decent book reviews for CotW, 2 pages worth when paraphraised and cited, and information on Jack London, 4 pages worth and cited. At least a page and a half of sources (size 14 font in Microsoft Word)

If you guys help me out with anything else I'd be incredibly grateful, but I'm DESPERATELY trying to find sources. If at all possible, a book reference would help too (with what it says of course).

Here are a group of sites on Jack London. I am sure you can find some interesting material on this man.

These sites will have notes on the book Call of the Wild.


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