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my writing is not very nice and neat should i practice more

Here is what you can do: Start a Journal (blank book), writing on alternate pages. Write in it every day. Weekly, give it to a trusted friend (mom, aunt, friend) who can take the journal and mark up errors. Rewrite those entries. Check your own work. Do this, and within six months, you will be amazed at what progress you have made.
We learn by practice spaced over time.

Bobpursley has made some excellent suggestions. If you follow that plan, you should notice improvement, for sure.

If you need help with the formation of letters, here is a webpage that is very specific and helpful about how to make the various letters properly:

I printed out that page, and I use it with one of my grandsons. The difference in his writing over the past six months is amazing.



bobpursely has good advice. You might want to try writing poetry or short stories, too. By giving yourself a REASON to write, you are more likely to write. When writing, at least for a few paragraphs, look at your hand as you write. Watch how your hand makes the letters. You can change how you make letters, but only one letter at a time, and over time. I changed the way I make my Ks (an initial) by finding one way I thought it looked best. Then I began really concentrating when I wrote capital Ks. Of course, I backslid often, but I still write my Ks my favorite way even now. It just took some concentration and time.

thankyou for your help

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