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integrate -2/xln^4(x)...plz help me..give me an idea on how to start..plz

The derivative of the ln(x) function is 1/x and this is multiplying the
ln^4(x). You can thus write the integral as:

-2 * 1/5 ln^5(x) + constant.

is that the answer?

wut about the x infront of ln^(x)...becasue the orignial question is -2/xln^4(x)...wut happens to da x?

I read that as -2 divided by x. If you differentiate Ln^5(x) you get 5 Ln^4(x) times 1/x.

why should i differentiat it if i am trying to integrate it?

can i also use integration by parts to solve this?

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