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WHy are my questions being deleted? plz help me..i didn't mean to be rude :(

Repost please.

Please post under just one name. Posting several questions under differing names (Julia, Steph, etc) is not conductive to a healthy relationship to those volunteering to assist you. Rude posts every min is over the line. Thanks.

O okey...sorry about that. BUt i didn't post any rude comments..did i? if i did i apologize once again.

I asked a Q! But I didn't get a A!
Sorry. I don't wan b rude!!!!!!
I said that a lot of times already.

  • WHY? -

    Sam got a new job with a $7.00 per hour raise. He worked for 5 hours and got paid $85.00. How much did he make before the raise? A) $10.00 per hour B) $11.00 per hour C) $12.00 per hour D) $13.00 per hour Claire has a part time job walking dogs Monday thought Friday. Business has really increased. She is walking 3 more dogs per day than she did last week. If she walked a total of 35 dogs this week, how many dogs did she walk per day last week? A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5

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