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This problem is really confusing, I have been trying and I can't get the answer, can you help me?

An Afternoon event was a race through the park. The race started at the point with the coordinates of (2,3). The first turn was at (2,6), the second turn was (6,6) and the third turn was (6,8). The race ended at (12,8).

A. It was 129 yards from the starting point to the first turn of the race. How long in yards, was the entire path of the race?

since all your paths were either horizontal or vertical, this is not too hard to figure.
The first leg was 3 units long
the second was 4 units long
the third was 2 units long
and the the last leg was 6 units for a total of 14 units
The first part was 129 yards in 3 units, making each unit 43 yards long

so just multiply 43 by 14

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