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Thank you Reiny! Now I must continue :o)

Say for example 34,567 is the total population of some state. 12,345 is the total number of arrestees (categorized into 5 races) in that state. The total number of Blacks arrested is 2,345 and the total number of Whites arrested is 3,456. How would you find the percent of Blacks arrested, and the percent of Whites arrested in that state?

My assignment pertains to a totaly different subject, but this will help me figure out how to develop conclusions to explain the racial disparity of arrestees. Any help is appreciated.

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IT is correct to say from your calculation that ten percent of the arrests were white. However, this is not saying that ten percent of the white population was arrested (xxx percent of whites got arrested, in your words, that is not correct).

The percent of arrests of whites depends on the white population, not given in the question statement.

"percent" means per centum or per hundred.

percentage of "something" is number of "something" divided by the total x 100%

so for % of blacks

tell me what you got for whites, so I know if you are doing it right.

10% of Whites got arrested in that state (per population):

10% (Rounded)

Correct or Incorrect?

good! you are correct

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