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I basically just have trouble staying focused and doing my homework, and often get discouraged when it looks long- how can I keep myself on track, because hw is my biggest issue?

Go here , with your mom.


Go through the program with your mom.

Here is another article that might be helpful:


I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to the wonderful help you have received, here are some things to consider:

Analyze what type of learner you are:

If you learn best by something visual, you need to SEE what you want to learn. If you learn aurally, you need to HEAR what you want to learn. If you learn kinesthetically, you need to PHYSICALLY be involved in what you are learning.

If you are a visual learner, use the highlighters (bilious green, pink, etc.) to color code what is difficult for you to retain.

If you learn aurally, try a hand-held tape to record partials, sentences, etc. Leave a space after what you record. At first just try passive listening trying to "guess" what will come next. Try repeating in that space. Even "read" the script in that space. Use the space as dictation and write. This way you involve all the methods of learning.

If you are a kinesthetic learner it is the most difficult to learn but once you have it, you will retain it longer. Often you have to even physically "walk" through what you want to learn. Picture what you want to learn in each room and as you walk into that room, try to recall. If there are sentences or something not too long, you can make "footprints" write on them and then as you step on each footprint think, or even say outloud, what is on it.

Here are some other ideas for you:

1) Pay attention in class. The old "you snooze, you lose" saying applies here.

2) Ask questions. How will you understand something confusing if you do not ask?

3) Study a little every night. You can not learn just by attending class and then putting your book in your locker until the next day! Learning is an ongoing process.

4) Participate ACTIVELY! Do not wait to be called on; raise your hand! Spanish class is not like other classes. You have to be an active member in class so you can get feedback on your pronunciation and make sure you have a handle on what you are learning!

I think it's important that when you think about staying on task, you also think....oh.....light bulb.

Ok. Kidding.

But what I did to help stay focused was make a list of everything I needed to get through. Be more detailed than just "do math homework." For example, if I had to do 15 math problems, read pages 55-75 in a "Tale of 2 Cities," and start to do research for a history report, my list might look something like this:

1) Read pages 55-67 in "Tale of 2 Cities"
2) Read pages 68-75 in "Tale of 2 Cities"
3) Do 5 math problems
4) Do 5 math problems
5) Do 5 math problems (remember - I have to do 15 all together, hence why it is here 3 times)
6) Find 5 web sites that deals with my history report.
7) Chose 1 web site of the 5 and make an outline of the information in it.

Now, my 3 things have become 7 smaller things. I can choose to do them in any order, but once I start, I can't finish until I'm done. Suddenly, 15 math problems doesn't seem so bad. And if it is, I can do 5 of them and cross off # 3. Then I can read pages 55-67 of a "Tale of 2 Cities" and cross off #1. Then look up 5 web sites and cross off #6. Then go back and do another 5 problems...cross off 4. Then decide I'll just finish the rest of the math while I have my book out.

It might not work for everyone. It might be too distracting. But switching like that helped get me through school. Most of the time, I would just do all the math. But seeing it in a smaller list made it easier to handle on a psychological level.


The way I see it, you may have other distractions around you... turn off the TV, Music, etc... and get to work! I agree with MattsRiceBowl on splitting up the work, but to add on to it, give yourself a reward after each one; for example, after doing #6, traet yourself to a 15 minutes of online time... after #1 and 2, grab a snack... do this and it will help you keep your eyes on the prize... be it in a few minutes or a few years! I hope this helps! ^_^

*treat not traet... sorry!

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