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i need to write a poem about my life it has to be a simile poem. Life is like a ___________ and 10 lines about that thing i need an idea of what to write about plz help!

a bowl of fruit?
a new car getting old?
a box of chocolates?
a popsicle on a hot day?>
a glacier?
an icicle?
a snowflake?
a pebble moving in a river?

i did box of chocolates but she said its too common and i have to redo the whole thing so one of those will probably work but what kind of similies should i do for the bowl of fruit or the popsicle one
??? thanks!!!

Those have to come from your mind. Think of what is in them, and how it relates to life. The popsicle is so cool, but it is melting, and nothing can be done about it.

And for the bowl of fruit... what about saying something like "everyone's different; some sweet, some not..." does that help any?

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