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MF17083:For the following reaction find Kp at 25°C and indicate whether Kp should increase or decrease as the temperature rises. NH4HS(s) <===> H2S(g) + NH3(g); DH° = 83.47 kJ and DG° = 17.5 kJ at 25°C.
- A. B. C. D. E. F. Kp =
- A. B. C. D. E. F. Kp ________ as the temperature rises.

A. 0.00086
B. 1200
C. 0.0012
D. increases
E. decreases
F. remains the same

I believe is Kp=0.0012 and Kp increases as the temperature rises can somebody verify that I am correct.

I found 8.6 x 10^-4 for Kp. I used
delta Go = -RT ln K.
delta Ho indicates the reaction is endothermic; therefore, an increase in T will move the reaction to the right, increaseing both pNH3 and pH2S so Kp will increase.
Check my thinking.

if a chemical has the pH of 2 what would be the [H

pH = - log(H^+)
(H^+)= ??

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