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I need to identify ways to reduce forms of pollution that my classmate put in their paper. Iron sulfide and coal seam was mentioned and how they react when exposed to air and water in the mining process, as well as form a mix of acid, sulfates, and metals that can kill fish and other aquatic life forms, but I'm not sure which are forms of pollution. Other than that, I know acid mine drainage is a pollution which was talked about, but I need more forms of pollution to help get to the 700 word count. Thanks for any help.

How 'bout phosphates, fluorocarbons, and carbon emissions?

Sorry, but how do those pollutants refer to iron sulfide, coal seam, and/or acid, sulfates, and metals? I'm clueless about all of this and am not sure what to talk about besides acid mine drainage.

Never mind, I was able to get enough information and reach my word count. Thanks for the help, Tammy.

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