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I just can't get enough of Buddha.... please give me more information about Buddha and his accomplishments..... what did Buddha eat while he was sitting under the Bodhi Tree?

Why is Buddha portrayed as being overweight, anyway? He would have been pretty slim, considering that he lived a life of moderation and fasted a lot.

Enough of the posting of questions, please. If the two sites I have given you don't have all the information you want, here are some more:


Thanks! I didn't mean to be disruptive, but I have a new passion for Buddha and am even thinking about traveling to Tibet this summer to study at a Buddhist monestary.

That's a good goal. By all accounts he was an interesting man, and he certainly promoted ideas and beliefs that drew a great number of people.


Here are some websites for you:


Yes! Buddha rocks my world! I am even thinking of becoming a scholar of Buddhism in college and going on to become a Buddhist monk.

Hey, did you know that the "future Buddha," Maitreya of Mi-Lo-Fo has already appeared? He is usually portrayed as fat and jolly, but in my research I discovered that this is only symbolic of the fact that the the future Buddha will bring prosperity and fulfillment to the world. This explains why he's not actually overweight in rea life.

How he is portrayed, fat or skinny, has more to do with the location of the statue.

In some areas, he's portrayed as fat and Jolly.

In other areas, more thin and meditative.

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