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What is the EU (European Union)? Was is successful? Why or why not?

The EU now consists of most countries of Europe. It started out as the "Common Market" following World War II and kept growing. It is very successful. More countries are eager to join. The Euro is, or will be, the currency of most of these countries.

I suggest you Google the subject to learn more.

Ah, I did research on Google but unfortunately, it's not helping - but thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Try ths:

One area in which the EU has not succeeded is getting a constitution for political union approved. Nevertheless, the absence of trade barriers, ability for citizens to cross borders to live and work, and the enforcement of monetary and fiscal policy has greatly benefited the member countries.

The only major European countries not to join EU are Norway and Switzerland, and certain former Soviet Union countries (Russia, Belarus and Ukraiune) which have not been invited. Turkey, Macedonia and Croatia are currently awaiting entry.

How did president kennedy wiew america's role in the world?

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