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Okay, so for part of an essay, i have to say WHY i picked the subject i did. My subject's Toussaint Louverture, and the only thing i can think of is that it's not good to think that all french people are white, and that he's a great example of someone who was very french, yet not white.
But that hasn't taken up enough words!!! can anybody else think of another reason why it'd be good to talk about him?

thanks in advance!

First of all, I don't even know who Toussaint Louverture is, but I suspect he's an important French guy. If so, I would say something about what he accomplished and why that's important to you, or what significance his accomplishments have in today's society.


Since he was the "father of Haiti" that is a pretty significant reason for writing about him. I think you will find this article and his life interesting.

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