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How do you factor out the greatest common factor?
1. 96x^9y^8+60x^2y^6-84x^4y^4
2. 13m^2-22r^3
3. 24m^8+48m^5-36m^2

1. In the coefficients look for the largest number which evenly divides into all the coefficients of the given terms
2. Variables must have the same base, the greatest common factor is the one with the lowest exponent, eg in #3 it would be m^2

3. Place the coefficients and higest common factor variables out front, follow that with a bracket, and divide all given terms by your greatest common factor then placing the individual answers inside the bracket.

4. The number of terms inside the bracket must match the number of terms your started with.

5. Always test your answer by mentally expanding your final expression to get the original question.

your solution for #3 is

12m^2(2m^6 + 4m^3 - 3)

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