French-for SraJMcGin.

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Thank you so much!!!!

I'm really sorry that I could not post back a.s.a.p to all your posts.Thoses posts were SO Helpful! Don't worry about the links, because I have searched for it and it was brilliant!

I don't have a problem with memorising the vocabs, I am always good at remembering words. What I am struggling with is the tense and how to form a sentence.(with all the words in the right order.)I think French may be one of the hardest language to learn as English is my second lauguage and it was fairly easy for me to learn.

I will make full use of those information that you have given me.And again,thank you!!

Thank you for responding. You WILL get it, since English is your second language. Once you learn "how to learn" another language, there is no stopping you!

Usual word order for a sentence = subject (noun or pronoun) + verb + information. If a negative is involved = Subject + ne + verb + pas (or other negative word), etc. Examples: Jean lit le livre. Jean ne lit pas le livre.

There are 4 ways to ask a question and I'll be happy to explain that when you are ready.

As for tenses, learn the regular verbs firt (-er, -ir, -re) and MOST verbs fit those patterns. The irregular verbs are used very often and they can also follow patterns. It just takes time to SEE the patterns.

The most difficult part was for some students to pronounce the words. I used to tell them to "pinch the nose" for the nasals or to be very happy when they had a bad cold!

Now, more specifics? For example, what tense(s) are you studying and what kinds of sentences are you doing? You will probably like the one site I gave you where the words are jumbled and you have to put them in the correct word order. A bientôt. . . . . Mme

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