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O is the centre of the circle and A and B are points on the circumference of the circle. The radians of the circle is 12 cm and the angle AOB is 54 degrees. Choose the one option which gives the length of the circle joining A and B , correct to one decimal place.

A. 10.6 m
B. 10.8 m
C. 10.9 m
D. 11.0 m
E. 11.2 m
F. 11.3 m
G. 11.5 m
H. 11.7 m

what is it?

assuming that by "radian" you mean "radius" and by "length of circle" you mean "length of arc", then you can figure out the circumference of the circle

12(radius) x 2 x pi = 24 pi = C

54 is .15 of 360, so taking .15 of 24 pi would be 3.6 pi.

if you need exact(rounded to tenths, just multiply by pi and round, you get 11.3 cm)

hope this helped

ah.. sorry, it's F.

(forgot to specify which answer, though i'm sure you're smart enough to figure that out on your own)

lol yes i cod have worked that out myself.. thanks for ur help

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