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If a solution has a lot of particles, is it going to have a low or high boiling point? For instance, would NaCl have a higher or lower boiling point than C12H22O11, based on the amount of particles it has (NaCl has more than C12H22O11)?

Are you thinking of solutions with particles dissolved? If so, yes, the more particles, the lower the bp.

hey Bob
do you not have anything better to do than post stuff on this website. Are you like a pedophile or something?

Yes, I am talking about dissolving particles. But in my book it says: "The higher the concentration of solute particles, the greater is the boiling-point elevation." Doesn't that imply that the more particles, the higher the bp?

You are correct, the bp is elevated, the freezing point is reduced. Sorry.

So more particles equals a higher boiling point and so sodium chloride would have a higher boiling point than sucrose and a lower freezing point. Is that correct?

for the same molality, yes.

yah thanks!

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