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more math

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Every month, a girl gets allowance. Assume last year she had no money, and kept it up to now. Then she spends 1/2 of her money on clothes, then 1/3 of the remaining money on games, and then 1/4 of the remaining money on toys. After she bought all of that, she had $7777 left. Assuming she only gets money by allowance, how much money does she earn every month?

is this the corrrecccccttttt answer-


she spends 1/2 on clothes, so 1/2 is left

she spends 1/3 of THAT on games so 2/3 of 1/2 or 1/3 of her money is left.

she spends 1/4 of THAT on toys so she has 3/4 of 1/3 left, which is 1/4 of the original

so if 1/4 is 7777, how much would 4/4 be??

What a spoiled rich kid!!!

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