Algebra Packet (a lot of questions!)

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Ok, there a lot of questions from the WHOLE packet I received, so please bear with me.


Factor each polynomial (#6+#11)

6. 2x^2+11x+15

11. 36x^2-49


The Nut House sells mixed nuts that are 20% cashews. The owner wants to prepare 4 pounds of mixed nuts that are 25% cashews as a special promotion. How many pounds of cashews and how many pounds of the 20% mixture should she combine to get the 25% mixture?


Determine the domain and range for the function.

y=sqrt of x+2


Prove the standard multiplication algorithm in general, i.e. prove


Please somebody help me on any of these problems. This is review for the big end-of-the-year test next week, so plz help, any will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

That is rather too many questions for one post, and you hsvr not shown any work of your own. We provide homework help here, but do not do it fr you.

Here is some help with one problem.
11. 36x^2-49
36 x^2 is the square of 6x, and 49 is the square of 7. Any binomial of the form a^2 - b^2 can be factored into (a+b)(a-b). This applies whether a and b are constants contain algebraic variables

That should provide a clue of how to factor 36x^2-49 .

I'm sorry I posted so many problems---but thanks for helping me figure out #11! I'll try to figure out the other problems by myself.

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