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the sum of a number and 3 times that number is 76. what is that number?


Mathematics is a language, so translate the English into "math"

let the number be x

"the sum of a number and 3 times that number is 76", .... what does "sum" mean?

x + 3x = 76

now solve it, it's easy.

huh?IM IN 6TH GRADE GEEZE!!!!!!!!

I would assume that a problem in algebra like you gave me would also mean that they teach you some algebra to start with.

I makes no sense having such questions if you haven't learned the proper tools to solve the problem.

i need the answer so that i can see the pattern which will help me solve the problem.

P.S: I HAVENT LEARED ALGEBRA!!!i don't know how to do algebra!

the number is 19

a number plus 3 times that number...
19 + 3x19
= 19 + 57 76

thank you for your help

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