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Ashanti and Maria went to the store to buy snacks for their back to school party. They bought bags of chips, ptetzels, and nachos. They bought three times as many bags of pretzels as bags of chips, and two fewer bags of nachos than bags of pretzels. If x reprsents the number of bags of chips they bought, express, in terms of x, how many bags of snacks they bought in all.

Please if anyone could help me.
I really don't understand this question.

I got an equation thing of-
but i don't think its right.?

x-being the bags of chips
n-being the bags of nachos

^^ PLease HELP!^^

bags of chips = x

bags of pretzels = 3 times as many as chips so that is 3x

bags of nachos = 2 less than bags of pretzels. Since pretzels = 3x then two less than that is 3x -2.

add them together for total.
x + 3x + (3x -2) = total bags.

Thank you.=)

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    Bicth what

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    How many quarters kg cups of sugar is needed to full a 25kg bag of sugar.

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