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Yesterday I asked this question and you told me the best answer is (C)at the
time they enroll in childcare programs.
The other answers make no sense.

Complete immunization is usually required of children:

A. who will be turning 2 years old.

B. before they can travel across
state line.

C. at the time they enroll in childcare

This question is confusing because when
children enroll in childcare programs
there immunizations are not complete.
They only have a minimum immunizations

My textbook states,"Most states require children's immunizations to be current
when they enter childcare programs.
In states where no immunization law
exist,teachers must insist on complete
immunzation of every child unless parents are opposed on religious or
medical grounds. At the same time, teachers must continue to support
legislation establishing minimal
immunization requirements at the state level."

Would the best answer still be (C)
at the time they enroll in childcare programs?

This question on my test makes no sense to me. Please help, and let me know if
C or B is the best answer.
Thank you!!!!!!!

C is definitely the best answer there, particularly in light of what you book says.

Definitely, C is the best answer. Nobody checks cars, trains, buses, or planes when state lines are crossed -- so B is definitely wrong.

The only way to check for immunizations is when a child enrolls in a government-supervised program such as child care or school.

I wish there was an immunization for the prevention of stupidity. Stupidity hits boys at puberty, and it is evident in the girls when they believe the what the boys say. Teachers ought to support that.
Ans C is the right choice: Immunizations up to date, whatever the state requires. The governor here in Texas just ruled all girls have to have the new immunization for prevention of infection by pap virus...preventing cervical cancer. All hell broke loose in the right-wing "religious" community because it might promote promiscuity. As if.
As a side note, most states allow kids to not have immunizations if there is a "religous" reason for not doing so.

I frequently find your comments interesting. Unfortunately, promiscuity will continue to exist whether or not immunizations such as 'gardasil' are available. The good thing is the girls have options; they can opt out (not take gardasil) and they can also practice abstinence. The government spends ALOT of money on 'sex education' and I don't think that's doing any good.

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