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how do u mutiply decimals
and how do u make a decimal into a fraction

do you mean long-hand??

write down the numbers the way you would whole numbers, skipping the decimal

perform the multiplication as if you had no decimals
count up the total number of decimal places in the two multipliers.

count off that many places in your answer going from right to left and mark the decimal place.

eg 3.41 x 52.6

179366 -------> total of 3 decimal places needed

so 3.41 x 52.6 = 179.366

for your second question:

write down the number without the decimal place.
Divide by 10 if there is one decimal place, by 100 if you have 2 decimal places, by 1000 if you have 3 decimal places etc.
reduce your fraction to lowest terms

Does the longhand method of multiplication look familiar? Or are you more familiar with a multiplication grid?

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