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How should important historical figures like Gouverneur Morris be remembered so that they don't fall victims of neglect and obscurity?

We teach history to all students so that does not happen. As far as I know, US history is required in all States for high school students. One would hope they remember it.

Well i don't. So could you help me out?? What's the point of being on this website if i can't get any help from you.

Since Morris is generally known for having been the author of the Preamble of the Constitution....You can associate Morris with a CODE of Belief. That would be an associative technique.

Important historical figures can be remembered by
a. requiring students to learn about them
b. printing articles about them in newspapers and popular magazines
c. including them in historical museums
d. directing people to appropriate web sites -- like this one.


"One would hope they remember it. " -Bob

"Well i don't. So could you help me out??" --Mack

Are you saying you don't remember him? There are many different techniques to remembering. A lot of it depends on your learning style. You'll have to think about what worked in the past for you. Try new things and see if it works.

--Flash Cards
--Games (you'd be amazed at how much that helped me...even in high school)
--Weird songs
--Funny (yet accurate) phrases. I noticed if I could write something funny about what I was studying, I would remember it better.
--Make a video documentary of the person. Not something you necessarily have to share with everyone at school. But if you make it with bad acting and horribly costumes then watch it, you might remember it more easily.

In fairness to Bob, I read your post the same way he seemed to. Your original question seemed to be more about how society should keep Morris in its memory. Not how you could remember him. In that regard, Bob answered your question well. But thank you for the clarification.

Keep on rolling!

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