University Appeal Letter........HELP PLZ..

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I applied my first choice collegefor 2007 Fall admission. But they gave me summer admission finally, which I don't want to get. So I decide to write an appeal letter to the admission office asking for fall admission.
The reason why I want them to reconsider me for fall admission because I have updated grades, since my high school made some errors in my transcript which may affect my admission. And I have significant improvement in my senior year. Also, I won a 2nd place award in my county after they made my admission decision. And I visited the school few weeks ago, joined their accepted students reception when their representitives came to my state as well. Because I am accepted to engineering school, so the school is more attactive to me.
I want to know how can I write this letter to state the above reasons offically and appropriately? Could anyone help me to write a paragraph or something like that?

Thanks for your help!

You have a lot of good arguments that may help the college reconsider its decision.

If you post your paragraph here, someone will be glad to help yourevise it.

I posted my draft letter in a later post.

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