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Which would be one of the best ways that
a teacher can help a student deal with

A. Applying proper management

B. Counseling children and families on
the effects of stress.

C. Providing soothing and relaxing
hands-on activities.

I do not know if the correct answer is
A OR B. Can you please help?

Goodness, I like answer C if the activities are geared towards effective learning activities.
In general, teachers are not qualified, nor have the time to help students with complicated personal or family issues, other than to flag them and report them to qualified individuals. If a student is operating under continued stress, that student needs to be refered: something is wrong.
Answer B: Teachers are not generally qualified, nor have the time to do this.
Answer A: Very vague, to the point of meaningless. It sounds like a directive that came from the school board or a State Board of Education.

sorry- but you are confusing me--

BobPursley said that none of the answers is very good. Teachers aren't trained to counsel students -- so B is not a good answer. As he said, students who are under abnormal stress should be referred to a counselor.

In most elementary classrooms, C isn't very practical. Providing a "soothing and relaxing activity" for one student would call attention to his/her distress. However, it would work if the class were small -- as it might be in a preschool setting.

A could be the best answer, in my opinion.

My text does say to "councel them in
appropriate behavior management techniques"

Does that mean to apply proper behavior
management techniques?

But the text also states to "provide
progressive relaxation techniques,
and provide relaxation activities.

With all this said, would the correct answer be (A) apply proper behavior management techniques?

please someone please answer and help me with this question.

Well...depends on what kind of stress. If we're talking about something major, then it needs to be referred.

If we're talking about something like "I'm stressed because I feel like I have too much homework" or "I'm having trouble making friends" then it would seem ok to teach them appropriate behavior management techniques *to a degree*. Just thinking out loud here.

I'm in a Montessori classroom so providing relaxing activities is a lot easier since everyone is working on their own.

Overall, I don't think this is a good question with good answers. I think the question is too vague and the answers are too vague.

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