Early Childhood Ed. Question--Please Help!

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To capitalize on children's different
learning styles, teachers should:

1.teach lessons using a multi-sensory

2.use their own learning style to teach
and let the children match them.

3.separate children by learning styles
and seat children near others like

I don't know if the answer is 1 or 3.
Can you please give input? I am thinking the correct answer is 3. But not sure.

The problem of choice three is that we and children use different learning styles for different tasks. It would be very difficult to do musical chairs all day.

Choice one is the simplest remedy: kids will be exposed to a variety of teaching methods, and hopefully, one will impact.


So, #1 would be the corect answer?

Yes. 1 is the "correct" answer.

number one is for sure correct because children should not get used to sitting with people with the same learning style, it will not always be like that. plus don't you learn better when teachers teach in all sorts of ways?

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