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What should i do right after i mess up on a speech???/?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you have a problem during a speech, just continue. Without an example of what you mean, it is extremely difficult to advise you. If the speech is over and you feel you have been in error, learn from that mistake. Research and prepare carefully for any rebuttal.

SraJMcGin, is right. Also realize that public speaking is THE most anxiety producing class there is. More people are afraid of standing up and speaking. So...yes, everyone will mess up at first. Experience and preparation are the cure. I always told my students to practice!!! Give your speech to everyone in your family who will listen..even the dog! Do it in front of the mirror... look yourself in the eye and practice. Pretty soon you will have more confidence and be able to stand in front of anyone and feel much more comfortable.


Are You a teacher

YUP!!! Taught drama and public speaking and English for YEARS!!!<G> loved it!

I don't know if this article will be helpful, but I hope it is.


Thanks for asking.

i would like help with a currant event informative speech,5 min with 5 reference .also an attention getter a thesis a reason to listen an ethos statement a reinforcement statement an a closing statement

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