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Can someone please help with this

The Arts and Crafts Materials Institute's seal(AMCI)means
that the product:

1. has been evaluated and is safe for
physically or mentally handicapped

2. has been evaluated by a qualified
toxicologist for both acute and
chronic hazards.

3. production has been supervised by
the AMCI,which certifies that it
has been manufactured under safe

4. conforms to the standards of the
Arts and Crafts Institute for
Art and Social development.

Isn't #2 the right answer?
I was reading and got confused in my
comprehension of the material.
Anyway, thanks for your help!

Yes, number two is right, but it could have been worded differently.

when I read the first answer and then the second,I got confused. But, you're
sure the second is right?

I agree with Bob Pursley. The ACMI seal applies means that the product is safe for everyone, including all children, whether they are handicapped or not.

Yes. Number one and two are both right, however, number two is the better answer. The materials are safe for all kids.

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