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Can anyone help me with my c++ program? Its a program I have to write using structs and arrays and i'm stuck. If anyone can help can you post back and I'll show you what i've got and maybe you can tell me why its not working correctly.

I can try. I have not done much outside of Visual Basic. But maybe I can figure out your problem.

My assignment is to initialize an array of structs using the data from an input file. To get the input file the user must input the name of the file.Theres more i need to add but i cant get this to work so i havent even tried the other stuff.
Well this is what ive got so far...

#include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

const int ARRAY_SIZE = 40;

struct studentType
string firstName;
int id;
int testScore;

void getData(ifstream& inData, studentType sList[], int& listSize);
void printList(const studentType sList[], int listSize) ;

int main()
int student_count;
studentType studentList [ARRAY_SIZE];

ifstream inData;

char inputFile[40];

cout << "Please enter the name of the input file you would like to use"
<< " and press enter"
<< endl;
cin >> inputFile;


if (!inData)
cout << "The input file does not exist."
<< endl;


getData(inData, studentList, student_count);
printList(studentList, student_count);

system ("pause");
return 0;

void getData(ifstream& inFile, studentType sList[], int& listSize)
int i = 0;
cout << "getData\n";

if ( !inFile)
cout << " no File\n ";

inFile >> sList[0].firstName >> sList[0].id
>> sList[0].testScore ;

while (inFile)
inFile >> sList[0].firstName >> sList[0].id
>> sList[0].testScore ;
listSize = i ;
cout << "listSize = " << listSize <<endl <<endl <<endl;

void printList(const studentType sList[], int listSize)

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