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I am given the structual formula for lactose
howere i have to write out the equation for the hydrolosis of lactose

is the following what is required

C12H22O11 +H2O>>> C6H12O6 +C6H12O6

all the numbers are subscript, would appreciate if someone would guide me

Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "hydrolysis lactose" to get this source:

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.


From my understanding of the question, you have to draw out the equation using structural formula i.e. draw a diagram rather than write letters and numbers. If you look at P29 of Block 9 it shows you the structural formula but for 2 glucose molecules rather than 1 galactose and 1 glucose...and it's in reverse. Just redraw that diagram using the correct molecules and the other way around. At least that's what I've done :-)

Iam looking at that diagram from left to right

do i draw the 4th and then the 3rd with the h20 in the middle

please could you help me

Hi again,

First of all I should have said look at Fig 3.11. The 2 molecules (both glucose)on the right hand side of the arrow are joined by a glycosidic link, which is the "o" highlighted in blue. This is similar to the diagram in the question except one of the molecules is glucose and the other is galactose. What you need to is... draw the structure as it is in the question, then write "+ H20" next to it, then a arrow. You then draw a similar structure to the one that that's on the left hand side of the arrow in Fig 3.11 (the one with the OHH ringed with a dashed line) except you need to make sure that one molecule is glucose and one is galactose.(The one in the book has 2 glucose, so just swap one of them with a galactose molecule)

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