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Hello again,

As part of my weekly assignment, I am required to write a short story in English using the vocabulary words we have learned this week. This week's assignment was very hard, because the words were strange and some of them are even rude. So I apologize. Can you help me by proofreading and editting the sentences and story and looking to see if I have used the words correctly? I will put a * symbol by each of the vocabulary words, so that you know what they are. Thank you!

Here is my short story/sentences:

A man went to a fish restaurant and are some *flounder.* He ate the fish *solo* without anyone else to eat the fish with him. The man was very fat; in fact, he was *porcine.* After the meal, he had *atrocious* *flatulence.* It was *billious* and very rude. He was embarassed and decided not to eat like a *bovine* again.

A man went to a fish restaurant and ate some *flounder.* He ate the fish *solo* without anyone else to eat the fish with him.<~~seems too repetitive to define solo after using it The man was very fat; in fact, he was *porcine.* After the meal, he had *atrocious* *flatulence.* It<~~He?? was *billious* <~~spelled with only one "l" and very rude. He was embarassed<~~check spelling and decided not to eat like a *bovine*<~~bovine is an adjective, not a noun again.

You can use www.answers.com or www.google.com to check words' spelling -- or use the spell check feature in Word or whatever word processing program you use.


"bovine" in this case can be a noun. So you don't have to rework that part of the paragraph.

Thank you both GuruBlue and Writeteacher! I will make the necessary corrections to my writing before I give it to my teacher for grading.

So, "Bovine" can be used as either a noun or an adjective? When I asked my friend what it means, he said that it just means 'a cow.' From the link that WriteTeacher posted, it looks like it can also describe someone that is 'like a cow.' Is this correct?

right.... it is the scientific name for the species that a cow belongs to that includes domestic cattle, Bison, the Water Buffalo, the Yak. It has come to also mean cowlike...and can be an insult when applied to a human being.

yes correct

Oh no! I do not mean to be insulting. I will be careful not to use this word in conversation. I wish my teacher had been more clear about which words can be embarassing in normal conversation.

I do like Yaks, though. Have you tried barbecued yak meat before?

Never had yack. I think you used the bovine fine in this case.


nope, no Yak meat! but barbecued beef is very good!

  • Writing English Sentences -

    Gas prices are very high right now, consumers are looking for cars that get high miles per gallon.

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