Early Childhood Ed.

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I need help with this question:

Classroom activities and situations
are most playful when:

A. task oriented activities are

B. teachers introduce group games.

C. children assign and adopt roles
as they interact.

D. teachers guide children and give
out the roles.

Wouldn't the correct answer be
(A) task oriented activities are

I don't agree with that particular answer. Remember that you are talking about children playing.

Well, when children assign and adopt roles as they interact, would that be
when classroom activities and situations
are most playful?

I agree with answer C.

My trouble with answering the question is...

...how do they define playful?

"Task Oriented Activities" seems to suggest things such as table scrubbing or working through math problems. At least how I would define it.

I would lean more towards "C," but again, I am not sure what exactly they mean by "playful." That can take on a lot of different definitions.


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