The Crucible (ACT TWO)

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why have so many people been arrested? an what is motivating the officials?

It's been far too long since I read that play to remember such specifics, but if you click on the C when you get to the above linked website, you'll find help in detail.


  • The Crucible (ACT TWO) -

    because thay have been acussed of being a witch

  • The Crucible (ACT TWO) -

    Mary Warren says that she is sick when she returns. why would she feel sick

  • The Crucible (ACT TWO) -

    How much time has elapsed between Acts One and Two?

    2. What has happened in this time period? What role does Abigail play in the proceedings?

    3. Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth.

    4. What does John mean when he says, “It is winter in here yet”?

    5. Explain Elizabeth’s statement: “John, if it were not Abigail that you must go to hurt, would you falter now? I think not.” and explain John’s response.

    6. Why does John hesitate in exposing Abigail as a fraud?

    7. Upon returning from town, Mary Warren is visibly upset. What, in the day’s events, may have caused such distress in Mary?

    8. What does Mary give to Elizabeth? Why?

    9. Why does the court decide to hang Goody Osburn but not Sarah Good?

    10. On what evidence does the court convict Goody Osburn?

    11. What role is Mary Warren playing at the trial?

    12. Describe Mary’s reaction when Proctor forbids her to return to court. What news does she share?

    13. Who do you think accused Elizabeth of witchcraft?

    14. What does Abigail stand to gain if Elizabeth is found guilty of witchcraft?

    15. Mary Warren tells Proctor that those accused will not hang if they do something. What is it that they must do?

    16. Explain why Mary Warren thinks Elizabeth should speak civilly to her.

  • The Crucible (ACT TWO) -

    what is john's response to her prodding

  • The Crucible (ACT TWO) -

    at the beginnig of this act, john proctor says, It is winter in here yet." why is this pertinent to what is going on?

  • The Crucible (ACT TWO) -

    1.eight days

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