Micro Economics

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Briefly explain the following:
(a)Economic cost and accounting cost.
(b)Free market economy and mixed economy.
(c)Marginal utility theory and indifference curves analysis.

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Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to critique your work.


3. please Answer the following questions about Lagrange multipliers and optimal
(a) Let the utility function for good x and y be y + ln (x) (natural loga-
rithm). Write out the Lagrangian function and …rst order conditions.
Find the demand function. Find the income and substitution e¤ects
(in derivative form) of an increase in the price of good x, and y.
(b) Solve for the Cobb Douglas demand functions for utility function
u (x; y) = x y (in this case let + > 1). Also suppose that the
consumer has an endowment of x0 units of good x and y0 units of
good y (so the consumer maximizes utility subject to the constraint
that the value of chosen consumption is less than or equal to px0+qy0 .
Find the income and substitution e¤ects in derivative form.
(c) For utility function y +bx …nd the demand function when p < b and
q = 1. Can you …nd the Lagrangian multipliers for this case?

I have alot of question in micro, if you can help me answer, so I will pay!!

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