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7th Grade Math

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Please help - I don't know where to begin. My problem is this: Find the numbers "Y" and "Z" if (1 and 3/5 times "Y") + (3/5 times "Z") = 5 AND (1 and 3/5 times "Z") + (3/5 times "Y") = 6. Thank You!

change 1 and 3/5 to another fraction:

so the equation is (8/5)Z+ (3/5)Z=5
now you can add 8/5 and 3/5 together because they both share Z.
so it would be 11/5Z=5. Multiply both sides by 5 to get 11Z=5 and divide 5 to both sides to get Z.

the second equation:


since you already know Z, plug it in, and find Y

Thank you!

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