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I still do not understand fractions??????

2/3 + 1/3 + 5/6 =

divide all of them first then add them up

???. I am still lost, can someone please help me.

Ok. In your earlier question, there was talk of the LCM, the least common multiple. Whenever you add fractions, the denominator has to be the same. As my old math teacher used to say, you can only add apples to apples, not shoes. Anyway, you need to find the denominator that is common to all those numbers. Here, the only denominators are 3 and 6. What is the Least Common Multiple here? It's not 3, because 6 can't go into 3. 6, however, would work, because 3 can go into 6 twice.

Let's use 6. Now, 5/6 can stay untouched. It's already got the LCM. 2/3 and 1/3 need some work. To get the denominator to be 6, we have to multiply it by 2. If we multiply the denominator by 2, we have to do the same to the numerator, otherwise we change the value of the fraction. So, 2/3 times 2/2 gives us 4/6. Do the same with 1/3. 1/3 times 2/2 gives us 2/6.

Now, the problem is 4/6 + 2/6 + 5/6. Are you good from there?

what is a depenent event

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