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Science and medicine. Find the time required for an object to fall to the ground from a building that is 1400 ft high.

using the formula : t = (1)/(4) radical (s)

My answer: t = 9.35 (but i don't know how to word it if minutes all or minutes and seconds etc......)

Problem #42
Use the properties for radicals to simplify each of the following expressions. Assume that all variables represent positive real numbers.

radical ((5)/(3))

My answer: (radical (15))/(3)

Problem #48

radical ((12x^3)/(5))

MY answer: (2xradical(15x))/(5)

t=9.35 minutes means
9 minutes plus .35 of the next minute, there are 60 seconds in a minute, so multiply the .35 by 60 for 21 seconds

so the time is 9 min, 21 seconds

for the last part, where did the 15x come from?
my answer was 2xsqr(3x)/5

how did you do the second problem to get that answer. maybe i made a mistake.

you had written

= radical(4)*radical(x^2)*radical(3x)/5

do you mean it should read

2 times x times radical 3x/5

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