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Organic Chemistry Q for DrBob222

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Hello again,

Does this look right for

CH3 ¨C CH2 ¨C CH2 ¨C C ¨C CH2 ¨C CH3

Spacing is a REALLY big problem with computers and boards of this type so I can't tell where the carbonyl group is located.
First, should the yn you have be yne?
Second, if the is a derivative of a hexane, shouldn't there be 6 carbons and not 11?
Then the carbonyl group would be attached to carbon #4 counting from the left (to give the triple bond the #1 number).

Ooh, you're right, the spacing is rubbish. When I posted it in, it certainly didn't look like this...there WERE only 6 Carbons !! Anyway, I had CH3-CH2-CH2-C-CH2-CH3, with a double bond to an O with the C which is 4th from the left.

You foun the gremlin. The posts ALWAYS look ok until they are posted; THEN the gremlins take over and screw things up. The problem is that the boards, I suppose to conserve space, ignores all spaces on the space bar after the FIRST one.
What you have drawn is hexane-4-one. With the CH2 groups you have there is no space for a double bond (other than for the C=O) but there is nowhere to add a C=C in what you have drawn. If you want hex-1-yne-4-one I would draw it this way.
I hope this helps.
line drawings are fairly easy to do. If I wanted to show an alcohol on #3 carbon I would draw it this way.

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