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Please help me paraphrase this statement.
Thus human behavior is the product of an ongoing interaction between social environments and internal motivations (gained from previous social experiences). These systems include the home, family, religion, culture, sub-culture, community, as well as school. There are always interconnected elements between these systems. Hence any alteration in one system can have repercussions in the others. For example in a social system (e.g. the family), there is a change within a part of the system (e.g. the parental relationship), this

How people behave is a combination of environment and experience.
All previous social contacts during the learning period affect the resulting behavior. Any change in the relationships within the environment or within the teaching situation will alsoaffect behavior.

It might be briefer and more specific to state it this way:

People's actions are influenced by an interaction between their previous experiences and aspects of the current environment.

Does that sound more concise?

I hope it helps. Thanks for asking.

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